Slovak Industry Vision Day 2023


At the event, you will quickly and easily meet potential partners with whom you can establish cooperation. During the B2B part of the event, you will have 20 minutes to discuss with your chosen potential partner, according to the time schedule.

Online registration

Register online and advertise your company profile.

In your profile, you can describe what kind of cooperation you are looking for and which topics you would like to negotiate with potential business partners.

Your cooperation profile will be visible for other participants on the event web site. Please feel free to update your profile any time.

Please pay attention to fill in your profile in a high quality, as it will be published in the catalogue of participants.

Payment Conditions

Participant Conditions 

Every participant is required to acquaint and consent to the terms of the GDPR.


Pre-arranging bilateral meetings

Approximately one week before the event you can request bilateral meetings on-line and will receive bilateral meeting requests. It is up to you to get active and identify matching partners. Please be aware: meetings you don´t wish to attend have to be refused actively, otherwise they are scheduled automatically.

How the booking of meetings works:

  • Sign into your profile
  • On the top bar, click on the "List of participants"
  • Make your selection of partners and click on the selected company (press the blue button "Details“)
  • Press the green button "Request a meeting"  

Bilateral meetings

How do the bilateral meetings work?

At the matchmaking event, people meet and greet at high speed. Bilateral meetings take 20 minutes, which is usually enough to forge business connections. Then the timekeeper will show you how much time left for your meeting.

You are registered with a cooperation profile which will be displayed on the event web site. Each participant can online select meetings with other participants they would like to personally talk to. (See information in “How the booking of meetings works”). A few days before the event you will have the timeschedule in your profile, where you can download it in PDF format, showing WHO he will meet WHEN and WHERE. 

Registration9th June – 13th November 2023
Booking of B2B meetings14th – 19th November 2023
Event23rd November 2023
Costs On-site 200 €
Partnership 1000 €
Bilateral Meetings
sk Slovakia 99
cz Czech Republic 3
de Germany 3
at Austria 2
be Belgium 1
nl Netherlands 1
tr Turkey 1